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commercial window cleaningCommercial Window Cleaning

Grafton is a family run business based in Marylebone, London that’s been offering commercial window cleaning to businesses for over 20 years. Whether its smaller office blocks or high rise window cleaning that you need, our experienced team can safely complete all work from ground level to higher interior and exterior windows. We use a wide range of commercial window cleaning systems, including Traditional Squeegee, Reach and Wash, Abseil, Hydraulic Platform and Scaffolding.


Why choose us for Commercial Window Cleaning?

Our workforce is able to take on a wide range of commercial window cleaning contracts, ranging from small office blocks to large high rise buildings. However, for any specialist cleaning contracts we’ve partnered with top contractors and formed ongoing business relationships spanning over 20 years.

  • State-of-the-art purified water cleaning system
  • All contractors are IPAF members and IRATA trained
  • We deal with schools, offices, government buildings, hospitals and high rises
  • Our team uses squeegees, cradles, abseiling equipment, cherry pickers, hydraulic platforms and scaffolding

Adaptable commercial window cleaning systems

Traditional (Squeegee)

Our traditional hand held squeegees are ideal for ground floors as well as when abseiling or using platforms for larger high rise buildings.

Scaffold Tower

If platforms and abseiling aren’t an option or when safety is a concern, we can easily erect a scaffold tower to reach challenging access areas.

Reach & Wash (Chemical Free Purified Water Fed Pole System)

This telescopic cleaning equipment allows us to reach difficult access areas and is an extremely effective system against solids and organics.

Cradle & Motorised Ladder

When permitted by the architecture of a high rise building, our team can access the exterior windows with our cradles and motorised ladders.

Cherry Picker & Hydraulic Platforms

When dealing with commercial window cleaning for larger buildings, our qualified team has access to cherry pickers and hydraulic platforms.


Our IRATA trained rope access and abseiling specialists may be an option for your interior or exterior commercial window cleaning contract.

Innovative window cleaning

Our commercial window cleaning team uses state-of-the-art IONIC and VARITECH systems to ensure  we meet our high standards on every contract. The IONIC purified water system is extremely effective against solids and organics, while being totally free from chemicals, bacteria and the organics they feed off. In conjunction with the VARITECH water fed pole, we can extend our reach to all kinds of access areas.

Key Benefits

Purified Water System

Extremely effective system against solids and organics, while being totally free from chemical and micro-organisms such as legionella bacteria.

High Rise Window Cleaning

Our commercial window cleaning teams use abseiling equipment, booms, carriages and cradles to tackle high rises.

Full Safety & Training Compliance

All of our contractors are full IPAF members for powered and hydraulic access as well as being IRATA trained for rope access and abseiling.


What about your green credentials?

Grafton Services is certified as a ‘Green Achiever’. We are in the process of switching to a fully electric vehicle fleet. We are always looking for new ways to improve our sustainability.

I am Facilities Manager for a big business. Will you be an appropriate choice?

As a commercial cleaning services company, we understand the scale and logistics necessary to take on big jobs. We have successfully served our 50 biggest clients for a mean average of 7.5 years, and retain 95% of our contracts.

I run a small business. Can you provide services?

Very likely. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

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